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create lasting beauty and requires minimal care with today’s
modern technology in wood Floor Refinishing products. The right finish protects wood
flooring from wear, dirt and moisture while giving the wood an attractive color
and sheen. Today most wood floors are finished with a stain and a top coat. Technology has provided a wide
selection of Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing, each with its own distinct benefits and

                                                   The Basics of Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing Hardwood Floors
If you want to increase the appeal and resale value of your home refinishing hardwood floors in the living spaces of your home is a good idea. The techniques that you will use may be very minimal, or you may need to use more drastic measures to replenish the shine and luster of your hardwood flooring. These tips will help you work through evaluating and refinishing your floors for a renewed appeal.

Pittsburgh Floor RefinishingEvaluation

The first step in refinishing hardwood floors is to decide whether they are worth refinishing or not. Severe damage that affects the wood itself may require a new section of hardwood flooring be installed. Floors that can successfully be refinished with have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • The floors will not have any splintering that affects the smoothness of the hardwood.
  • Scratches and scuffs along the top layers of the Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing can easily be buffed away. The deeper splintering is what will cause a replacement to be needed.
  • If the clear coat that covers the hardwood is damaged then you should consider refinishing since the clear coat can easily be fixed.
  • If the floor is made from pine or any wood aside from maple then you can easily complete the refinishing yourself.

All of these characteristics are important considerations when you are planning on Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing hardwood floors. It is actually fairly simple to sand down the top layer of the hardwood and to replace the top coat. You will also need to fill any gaps between the boards as needed to protect the wood from moisture and damage from the environment.

Getting Started

You will need to begin refinishing hardwood floors in your home by gathering the necessary equipment. Typically, you will need to have a sander and edger to sand the floors down as well as the tools needed for filling gaps and coating the floor. A vacuum is also good to have on hand to help in getting rid of the dust that will accumulate as you work. A buffer is also necessary to smooth and shine your floor after the sanding is complete.

Safety equipment is also necessary when you are refinishing hardwood floors. The dust from the Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing can become overwhelming if you aren’t wearing goggles and a face mask. You can pick these items up from any hardware store along with the other items that you need. The putty and sealant that is used for filling gaps and coating the flooring should be specifically for hardwood floors. If you have any questions about the products that are being used your hardware store may be able to assist you in choosing the right putty and sealant.

pittsburgh Floor RefinishingSanding

The sanding portion of Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing hardwood floors will take the least time but is the most important to achieving a smooth, rich appearance on the hardwood. Sanding is the first step. The sander that you will use is fairly large and can be rented from hardware stores locally. You will want to sand the floor evenly making sure that the edges of the floor also are sanded using an edger. This process may take just a couple of hours per room.Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing

Experts recommend that you begin sanding with a coarse sandpaper then move to a finer grain to smooth the surface of the flooring as much as possible. You may want to use superfine sandpaper with your sander to ensure the floor is completely smooth. After the sanding is complete you are ready to begin staining your floor.


The staining process is the most time consuming aspect of refinishing hardwood floors. You will want to choose a color that matches the shade you like and then begin brushing the stain on with a regular paintbrush. Make sure that you apply the stain along the grain of the wood for a smooth, even appearance. You may need to apply one to three coats of stain to achieve your desired results.

It is necessary to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. The drying stage can take just a few hours to a couple of days in more humid environments. Once your stain has dried and you have achieved the colors that you want you can prepare for the next step of buffing the floor and waxing for a finished shine that everyone can appreciate on hardwood flooring.Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing

There are now many colors of stain to choose from including grey and other non-traditional colors. Take your time in choosing the right color for your personal tastes. You may find that a traditional color, such as cherry, works well with many kinds of décor and is more valuable during a home sale than newer, non-traditional colors are. Grey is once exception since it is fairly neutral and can work in vintage style homes.

pittsburgh Floor RefinishingBuffing and Finishing

After sanding and staining you need to finish your floor with a polyurethane coat. This clear coat seals the floor for a long lasting stain and to protect your flooring from damage. Until you add the polyurethane coating when refinishing hardwood floors you are going to need to be extra careful not to scratch or damage any of the wood. The clear coat that covers the stain adds a lot of protection for the wood.  Most clear coats will completely dry in just a few hours.

You will also want to buff and wax your floor once you are done with refinishing. Buffing and waxing should be completed regularly to maintain the shine of your hardwood flooring. Refinishing hardwood floors does take a little time but it is well worth it when you see how nice your floors can look.

As an added bonus, refinishing your floors can also increase the resale value of your home significantly. The entire process can be completed in as little as a weekend if you have some help and all of the supplies that you need for refinishing hardwood floors on hand.

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The Basics of Pittsburgh Floor Refinishing Hardwood Floors